99 VA Veteran Disability Presumptives Listed - Get your earn


99 VA Disability Presumptives (automatically approved if you qualify)

Presumptives:  If you have been diagnosed with one of these diseases or injuries listed below, you automatically get a Disability award - if you can tie it back to something you did while in service.  That used to be virtually impossible for those of us going back to Vietnam or before, but it is much easier now.

Additionally, some diseases are conflict specific, such as Vietnam or Middle East wars. Some require an additional diagnosis before getting a rating. Some say yes, and give the diagnosis a zero rating.

First, if you are declined, don’t go off the deep end. You can appeal. Also, see why you were declined. You may have headaches, but they don’t rise to the level needed for a disability rating. You may have back pain or arthritis, but again it doesn’t rise to the level needed.

That being said, ask to be evaluated for everything on this list that you have been diagnosed with. Remember, by policy, the VA Health Care system can NOT tell you about an illness that has a high probability of a rating. In fact, they can’t even help you with a submission, even though your VA Doctor is the one who diagnosed it. Consequently, VA Disability Doctors are totally separate from the VA Healthcare Doctors. However, 

VA Disability does look at your VA medical records.  If you are not in the VA Healthcare system or you are applying for something that the VA hasn't treated you for, you can get your private Doctor notes and submit those.

There are 99 diseases and injuries listed. Is this all of them? Nope. These are the ones I could find. If you have a diagnosis that you think might be related to your service that isn't listed here, do a Google search for “VA Disability XXXXX”. That’s how I found three of mine, which are included here.  If you find some additional ones, please let me know.

VA Disability awards are benefits that you earned.  These result in benefits that you and your spouse and your children deserve.

1. Amputations

2. Ankle Conditions

3. Anxiety

4. Arthritis

5. Asthma

6. Back (Thoracolumbar Spine) Conditions

7. Back Arthritis

8. Back Pain

9. Bipolar Disorder

10. Breast Conditions and Disorders

11. Bronchitis

12. Cancer

13. Cancers caused by contact with toxic chemicals or other dangers

14. Central Nervous System and Neuromuscular Diseases

15. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

16. Cirrhosis

17. COPD

18. Cranial Nerve Conditions

19. Depression

20. Diabetes

21. Diabetic Sensory-Motor Peripheral Neuropathy

22. Eating Disorders

23. Elbow and Forearm Conditions

24. Esophagus conditions

25. Fibromyalgia

26. Foot conditions including flat foot

27. Gallbladder disease

28. Gout 

29. Gynecological Conditions

30. Hand and Finger Conditions

31. Head Injury

32. Headaches (including Migraine Headaches)

33. Hearing Loss

34. Heart attack

35. Heart Disease

36. Hematologic and Lymphatic Conditions

37. Hemorrhoids

38. Hepatitis

39. Hernias

40. High Blood Pressure

41. Hip and Thigh Conditions

42. HIV-Related Illnesses

43. Hypertension

44. Infectious Diseases

45. Intestinal parasites

46. Intestines, partial removal

47. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

48. Joint Disorder

49. Knee and Lower Leg Conditions

50. Knee Pain & Injuries

51. Loss of range of motion (problems moving your body)

52. Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

53. Lupus

54. Male Reproductive Organ Conditions

55. Mental Disorders (other than PTSD)

56. Migraine Headaches

57. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

58. Muscle Cramps

59. Muscle Injuries

60. Narcolepsy

61. Neck (Cervical Spine) Conditions

62. Neck Arthritis

63. Neck Pain

64. Non-Battle Injury

65. Nutritional Deficiencies

66. Osteomyelitis

67. Panic Disorder

68. Parkinson's Disease

69. Peripheral Nerve Conditions

70. Persian Gulf and Afghanistan Infectious Diseases

71. Prostate Cancer

72. PTSD

73. Radiculopathy

74. Rape

75. Rectum and Anus Conditions

76. Renal diseases

77. Respiratory Conditions

78. Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

79. Rheumatoid Arthritis

80. Scar tissue

81. Schizophrenia

82. Seizure Disorders

83. Sexual Trauma (MST)

84. Shoulder and Arm Conditions

85. Sinuses, nose, throat, larynx, and pharynx

86. Skin disease

87. Sleep Apnea

88. Sleep Disorders

89. Spinal Fusion

90. Spine Disorder

91. Stomach and duodenum conditions

92. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)

93. Thyroid Disorder

94. Tinnitus

95. Tuberculosis (TB)

96. Ulcers

97. Urinary Tract (Bladder and Urethra)

98. Varicose Veins

99. Wrist Conditions