Your donation does make a difference! Thank you!

Your support and contributions to our IRS vetted and approved Social Welfare Organization 501(c)4 nonprofit will enable us to meet our goals of helping Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families, while also supporting Progressive values in El Paso County, Colorado.  

Your generous donation will fund our missions.  There are no limitations as to the amount of your 501(c)4 donation...either relative to the IRS or Colorado.  Thank you!

The El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans does NOT have any paid staff, rent, utility expenses or any vehicles.  Our Board members and officers are not financially compensated.  Your donation goes strictly toward achieving our goals.

Our Colorado Political Committee and PAC registrations have been approved!  Using these tools, we now have dramatically increased our options to support our Progressive beliefs.  To donate to local or national candidates, please scroll down.  We can not transfer money between these accounts.  If you write a check, please specify where the money should go.  Unspecified checks or donations will go into our general fund.

Donations to a 501(c)4 organization are not tax deductible.  There is no state or federal limits to your donation to our nonprofit organization.  A 501(c)4 corporation can not donate to candidates or political parties.

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Colorado Political Committee

If you would like to donate to Democratic or Progressive candidates in Colorado Springs, El Paso County or State elections, this is where you need to be.  We'll select the best use of your donation or let us know what your preference is.  If you are interested in Federal candidates, please scroll down.

The maximum donation to a Political Committee for an individual is $625.00.  There is no maximum for our 501(c)4.

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Our PAC (Political Action Committee)

You have arrived at the place where you can donate to federal candidates.  We will either select the candidates for you (where your money will do the most good) or let us know your preference.  The maximum donation per individual is $5,000.

Email with any questions on how all this works.  The IRS and FEC have many rules.  PACs have donation limitations.  Our 501(c)4 does not.

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