Our Mission Statement

Military, Veterans

We are a group made up of Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families. We have a shared experience of military service that unites us, whether it is military service or family support. We have served in different eras and in different branches. We all have instilled in us a common bond.

Veterans have developed an appreciation for the value of the individual and the strength that comes from unity. We have seen effective teams built from groups of people who couldn’t be more different, brought together for a common cause. We value duty, honor and Country. We believe the team is stronger than the individual.

Our nonprofit organization encourages everyone who supports Veterans to join our membership. All that we ask is that you support the sacrifice that Veterans and their families give. A prime goal of our organization is to endorse candidates and legislation that supports Veterans and their families. As our name indicates, we are a “Progressive” organization, primarily made up of members who support Democrats and Democratic ideals.  If you are Conservative or Independent, we welcome you.  Patriotism shouldn't be political.