We Remember...we were always there for each other. Now is NO different.

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El Paso County Democratic Veterans' Iniative

Veterans Services - El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans

Requirements to Join our Veteran's Group

We want as many people as possible to join that have shared our experience in one way or another.  Are you:

  1. A Military Veteran (with or without combat experience)
  2. Spouse of a Veteran
  3. Significant other of a Veteran
  4. Child of a Veteran, over the age of 16

We ask for dues,  but they are totally voluntary.  We request $10 or more per year, but we won't contact you for money if you choose, for any reason, not to donate.  Your membership is the most important thing to us.

We do have events that, if possible, we hope you can attend, such as parades and the Memorial Day Flag placement here in Colorado Springs.  If this isn't possible, that's fine.

We strive to make our meetings as interesting as possible.  But we also have monthly social get-togethers.  Members are welcome to do just one or both.  Your spouse and friends are always welcome.

Come, join us.

Our next meeting is listed under "Meetings."  Social get-togethers are listed under "Events."