We Remember...we were always there for each other. Now is NO different.

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El Paso County Democratic Veterans' Iniative

Veterans Services - El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans

Why Join Our Group of Veterans?

We are Veterans, Active Duty Military and their families, working to help everyone like us.  We are Progressive.  We are Military.  We love our country.  We have served, or we have been spouses, significant others or children of those who have served.

I am Kent Jarnig, Chair of the El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans group.  I was a Combat Medic in Vietnam.  I arrived in Vietnam in January of 1969 and left in January of 1970.  That was 12 months of combat.  Your time, or that of a spouse or parent may have been longer.  It may have been shorter,  because they didn't come back.  If you served in any combat, in country or at home as a family, our group is for you.

If you need help, we are here for you.  If you can help others, we are here to facilitate that goal.  If you have an hour a month, that works.  If you need transportation to come to our meetings and hear from our speakers on how our non-profit supporters can help you, we're there for you.  If you want help getting to our Fun-Loving Progressive Veteran Get-Togethers, we can make that happen.

Join us.   Email Kent at info@EPCCPV.org or call him at 303-618-6131.  That's my personal cell phone and the email comes directly to me.  You will get a personal response.

Cost?  Our dues are voluntary.  We ask for $10 per year (or more if you can afford it).  If not?  No problem.  If you can walk with us in a parade or stand with us for Memorial Day remembrances, terrific.  If not, we understand.  Joining us has no commitments.  Just support for YOU.